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Solicitors suspended for chasing victims of Grenfell Tower fire to launch claims


A LEADING UK law firm has suspended two trainee solicitors after they were accused of ambulance-chasing victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The employees reportedly sought to benefit from the tragedy by putting up a poster which offered legal support to people affected by the inferno.The law firm concerned, Leigh Day, said they had no knowledge of the poster until it was brought to their attention.The advert was headlined "Free Legal Support", featured British passports and gave an email address for the two trainee solicitors which was different from their work contact details.According to the Times, the poster said: "Our aim [...]

Solicitors suspended for chasing victims of Grenfell Tower fire to launch claims2019-01-07T16:18:44+00:00

Man sues museum after hitting a wall in race to beat virtual Cathy Freeman


An Australian man has launched legal action after coming off second best to a virtual Cathy Freeman in an interactive exhibit. Visitors to Melbourne’s Scienceworks museum are invited to pit themselves against a simulation of the Olympic 400m gold medallist on a 10m dual-lane track. When Dean Smith gave it a go in June last year, he ran into a wall, severely injuring himself. Fairfax reported that Smith was now suing the Museums Board of Victoria, which operates the museum in Spotswood, for negligence for unspecified damages. “All these little things made me think I could beat her, I got a [...]

Man sues museum after hitting a wall in race to beat virtual Cathy Freeman2017-04-21T11:22:51+00:00

Whiplash crackdown could cost 35,000 jobs, lawyers claim


The new crackdown on whiplash compensation could put thousands of jobs at risk, according to research commissioned by lawyers who argue the reforms will harm injured motorists as well as their industry. Researchers at Capital Economics found that 44,200 people work on personal injury cases in legal, medical and claims management jobs, while a further 40,000 depend more loosely on the industry through the supply chain and other spending. In the study commissioned by the Access to Justice lobby group, Capital Economics found that 35,000 of these jobs would be at risk if small claims are kept out of the courts, [...]

Whiplash crackdown could cost 35,000 jobs, lawyers claim2017-02-07T15:25:01+00:00

Insurers, not lawyers, are the bad guys when it comes to whiplash


Consultations close tomorrow on reforms that will deny justice to thousands of innocent motorists caught up in accidents that are no fault of their own Whiplash, eh. It’s all a big con, pushed by ambulance chasing lawyers at the expense of innocent motorists who pay higher insurance premiums as a result. Well that’s at least what the insurance industry would have you believe. The reality, as I can testify having been a victim of road accidents, is rather different. Accidents are hideous things. Whiplash hurts like hell. It can require physiotherapy to put right. It can sometimes require a lot more than [...]

Insurers, not lawyers, are the bad guys when it comes to whiplash2017-02-07T15:25:48+00:00

The Whiplash Reforms. A knee jerk reaction?


Sitting on a long train from Birmingham to Euston – and having to navigate all 17 stops between meant I had the time to look at the Government’s recent proposals for Personal injury reforms announced in recent times, and briefly yesterday by Philip Hammond at the despatch box along with the Autumn statement. I’m heading on my way to a meeting to discuss the very document with my colleagues from MASS. I know a number of stakeholders are also discussing these matters, and the very limited time to respond, particularly with the Christmas break looming, means that there’s much work and [...]

The Whiplash Reforms. A knee jerk reaction?2016-11-24T15:14:10+00:00

Insurer backlash as tax hike wipes out whiplash reform gains


Insurers have hit out at plans to increase insurance premium tax for the third time in 18 months, a move that is expected to raise more than £4bn for the Treasury but which was branded “a hammer blow for the hard pressed” by critics. IPT is added to about 50m car, home, private medical insurance and pet policies every year. The tax will rise from 10pc to 12pc next June, an increase that means the rate has now doubled within two years. The latest hike provoked an immediate backlash from the insurance and motoring industries, which argued the IPT increase will [...]

Insurer backlash as tax hike wipes out whiplash reform gains2016-11-24T15:08:16+00:00