Mrs Hall told the Gazette: “I was out for a run and I remember my foot hitting a manhole cover and then I went blank for 10 minutes. I do not remember anything after that until I was being helped into my husband’s car. It took a week out of my life which I really could have done without.”

Mrs Hall, of The Leas, Chestfield, went to the Estuary View Medical Centre in Whitstable after the accident on February 29, but was redirected to A&E at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford for treatment.

She suffered cuts and grazes to her forehead, knee and shoulder and her right eye was left badly swollen. She was also left struggling to hold a pen after trying to break her fall with her right hand. Mrs Hall contacted Kent County Council about the incident but now fears more people will suffer falls if the manhole is not fixed. She said: “What I would like the council to do is have them lowered so they are in line with the path.

“While I appreciate I was running, I have been running for five years and have never fallen over. When you look at those manhole covers, it’s not just that one that is above the path level – there are several which are dangerous for the elderly population. I am after some compensation for the time off work and for the trauma that was caused.”

KCC spokesman Thom Morris says the authority will look into the issue. He said: “We are very concerned to hear what has happened. We will arrange for the area to be inspected and carry out work if required. “Many covers in the road and footway belong to utility companies and if this is the case here we will ensure we inform the right company. Our highway inspectors regularly check the pavement for defects, but we encourage people to help us identify any problems and report them via our website.”