Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

Will I have to pay for a surveyor ?

No. We arrange for an independent surveyor to attend your property to identify what disrepair there is and which is your landlord’s responsibility. We will use this report as the basis of your claim. We fund the cost of this.

I have rent arrears so does this stop me from bringing a claim ?

No. You are entitled to live in a comfortable home. If you do have arrears then they will be deducted from any damages awarded to be offset against your rent account.

What happens if the landlord doesn`t undertake the agreed repairs ?

If, as part of your claim, they have agreed to complete the repairs then if they don`t do that within the agreed timescale then they are in breach of contract and we will pursue them for this. We will force the landlord to carry out the agreed works.

Do I have to pay anything ?

You don`t have to pay anything upfront. If the claim is successful then we charge a success fee. This is only deducted from your damages at the successful conclusion of the claim. You don`t have to pay us anything.

Can we request a move to a new property ?

No. We understand that living in poor housing conditions is stressful, and can harm your health. We focus on getting the disrepair in your property dealt with. The only time you may get moved to another property is if the surveyor recommends that you are temporarily rehomed whilst the works are carried out.

How long does a claim take ?

This depends on so many different factors including the willingness of your landlord to engage with us as your solicitors. We have to follow a legal protocol called the Housing Conditions Protocol. This sets out what the maximum timescales are for your landlord to respond. The solicitor dealing with your case will talk you through each stage of the claim process.

Unsure if you have a claim?

Speak to our team to find out if you are eligible. We'll explain everything in a Jargon-free conversation.