Frequently Asked Questions – Matrix Solictors - Wirral Personal Injury Solicitors

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is No Win No Fee?
A No Win, No Fee agreement is sometimes called a Conditional Fee Agreement. The regulations in relation to Condition Fee Agreements have changed dramatically in 2013. We offer a No Win No Fee agreement to all of our clients. This guarantees you that you will not have to pay ANY fee if your claim is unsuccessful.
2Do you offer free consultations?
Yes, although you will have to organise this with us over the phone or email to make sure the right member of staff is available to you.
3Can I only use Matrix Solicitors if I live in the Wirral/Merseyside area?
No, you can live anywhere in England & Wales even though we are located on the Wirral. It is possible to go your entire claim without meeting us. Please note we cannot represent clients who live in Scotland.
4Can i change from my current solicitors to Matrix?
Yes we can take-over a case at any stage. Give us a call on 0151 677 3999 and we can arrange the transfer of your files from your old solicitor.
5How long will my cheque take to arrive?
This is very much dependant on your claim, it can vary between 10 working days and 7 weeks from the date you accepted the offer.
6How long will my claim take?
This, again, is very dependant on your claim, it can vary hugely depending on the defendants liability stance and the type of injury/length of recovery.
7Is there parking nearby?
Yes we have free, on-site parking available to visitors.
8Does your Moreton office have wheelchair access?
Yes, we do have wheelchair access readily available.
9What if English isn’t my first language?
Please mention this when you contact us, we can arrange for an interpreter to help.
10 What is an After The Event (ATE) Insurance policy and do I need it?
Where a person is involved in an accident and seeks to bring a claim for compensation, if a claim is defended by insurers or liability admitted but an agreement not reached on the level of compensation to be awarded, the claim would usually need to proceed through the Courts. In some circumstances, if the case was unsuccessful at court, the person bringing the claim may be personally liable for the Defendant’s legal costs. If you have an after the event insurance policy, providing the claim is brought honestly, the policy would cover the Defendant’s costs and prevent you from paying the same personally.