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Housing Disrepair

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Housing Disrepair2019-04-18T09:20:13+00:00

Are you looking to claim Housing Disrepair compensation?


f you are a council or housing association tenant, there are very strict legal requirements to ensure your landlord keeps your property in a good state of repair. If you have complained to your landlord and they have failed to repair the property, we can help get the repairs complete. Not only will they be legally obliged to carry out the works, but they will also have to pay compensation to you.

If the disrepair has inconvenienced you seriously and you have suffered through ill health, personal injury or your personal belongings have been damaged then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Why Make A Housing Disrepair Claim?

What Can You Claim For?

  • Windows

  • Damp Issues

  • Water Pipes

  • Heating

  • Structure & Exterior of Premises

  • Electrical Wiring

  • Vermin Infestations

  • Roofs

  • Drains

  • Gutters

  • Mould Growth

  • Ill Health/Personal Injury

Housing Disrepair Compensation

Some examples of ill health/personal injury include asthma; coughs and colds; depression; anxiety; gastro-intestinal problems and carbon monoxide poisoning among much more.

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Housing Disrepair Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter who my landlord is?2019-01-03T16:00:32+00:00

Yes, we can only help people who rent their homes from housing associations or the council.

What happens after my claim?2019-01-03T16:00:14+00:00

After your claim goes through, all of the required work will be carried out by your landlord within a set time frame so you can live in your property as set out by the law. We will deal with your landlords on your behalf.

How long do I have need to have been living at my property?2019-01-03T15:51:36+00:00

Typically 6 months, although if the disrepair is severe, a shorter amount of time would be fine.

What Does The Housing Disrepair Process Look Like?

Previous Clients’ Testimonials

See what our previous clients have had to say about us

I highly recommend the Matrix Solicitors to anyone who wants his case to be solved in a professional manner. From the beginning to the end they gave me the best service. I was regularly informed about the progress of my case at every stage. They were very helpful and professional. If I ever need help again, I will not hesitate to contact them again. Thank you ever so much.
Marcin Jaworski
Marcin J.
19:28 16 Jun 19
Great solicitors firm !!! They have dealt with my injury claim suffered after a road traffic accident. Strongly recommend them !!
Moraru Emilian
Moraru E.
17:24 20 May 19
I would highly recommend Matrix solicitors to anyone of my friends and family. From the first moment they had my back every step of the way by communicating and updating with me consistently on new developments and took the time to listen and followed through on what I had to say in relation to the accident I was involved in. With there connections and expertise they recommended me to the very best specialist in helping with my recovery and were able to get the compensation I felt I deserved from the injuries I suffered. I can't thank them enough for the service they provided !!
Ben Cresswell
Ben C.
17:37 12 May 19
Very happy not pushy and always willing to help. The make the process very simple and will take there time with u and work around you.
Charlie Cottrell
Charlie C.
14:31 05 Apr 19
Matrix dealt with my traffic collision professionally and obtained a good settlement for me in a relatively short time.
Mike Carr
Mike C.
01:17 09 Feb 19
I used matrix solicitors for my claim after a car accident in June 2016 & they have given me the best advice & treatment all the way from start to finish. Would highly recommend this company as they are very professional & keep you updated & informed on a regular basis as to their progress as it’s taken over 2 years to finalise but I have been really happy with the service I received
Jane Bate
Jane B.
17:57 08 Feb 19
Couldn’t recommend matrix solicitors more! Through every step of my claim, they were helpful, informative and professional. Wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.
Phil Gresty
Phil G.
15:21 08 Feb 19
i would recommend matrix solicitors to so grateful for all there help and assistance.and to which the speed of which tgey sorted things out for me with my damp.thank you so much sarah james.😊
Janet Morton
Janet M.
10:29 14 Nov 18
Very effective service from start to finish. Polite, helpful, friendly and professional. Highly recommend
Cam Disley
Cam D.
12:54 16 Oct 17
Matrix Solicitors have a fantastic bunch of staff who look after you every step of the way. I would highly recommend them to anyone who feels as though they may have a personal injury claim. Getting in touch is so easy, and they were a fantastic support to me and my family during a difficult period. Thank you again.
CJ Biggar
12:53 24 Jun 16

Join Over 12,000 Previous Clients And Start Your Claim With Us Today

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