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Are you looking to claim Personal Injury compensation?


ersonal Injury claims include claims where you have suffered a physical injury or a physical and psychological injury which can be caused as a result of a wide range of circumstances including road traffic accidents, motorcycle accidents, personal injury arising from housing disrepair, public liability claims or accidents at work. To make a claim for personal injury, you have to prove that somebody else is at fault and that this negligence has caused you loss or damage. There are a number of factors which calculate how much compensation is awarded, including the severity of the injury, how long the injury lasts and whether a financial loss has been suffered.

Claiming Personal Injury Compensation

If you suffer personal injury through the negligence of another person or party, you can generally only recover compensation for injuries and associated financial losses if you can show that someone else was at fault and was negligent and that this negligence caused loss and damage to you.

You can claim compensation for heads of damages including but not limited to:

  • Damages for pain suffering and loss of amenity

  • Past and Future Loss of earnings

  • Smith v Manchester Award if you become disadvantaged on the labour market as a result of your injuries

  • Job benefits loss as some employers provide benefits including childcare, a company car or private medical insurance

  • Possessions damaged destroyed or lost.

  • Cost of care and assistance if you can’t look after yourself or require assistance for gardening, DIY, gardening etc

  • Future losses & expenses for ongoing needs.

  • Medical treatment expenses and medication purchased

  • Pension Loss

  • Congenial Employment

  • Travel to medical treatment and frequent hospital and GP appointments

  • Provision of equipment if the physical impact of the injury can be reduced by the use of aids, appliances, prosthetics, wheelchairs, etc.

What Counts As Personal Injury?

  • Slips and Trips/Falls

  • Accident at Work

  • Serious Injury

  • Accident in a Public Place

  • Motorcycle and Cycle accidents

  • Construction Accidents

  • Factory and Warehouse Accidents

  • Obstructions on the road, pedestrian footpaths or trip hazards

We have helped clients with personal injuries ranging from whiplash, soft tissue injuries and laceration to crush injuries.

Housing Disrepair Compensation

Why Make A Personal Injury Claim?

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Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

What is contributory negligence?2019-03-28T14:12:58+00:00

This is a term used to describe a situation where an injured party is found to be partly at fault for the accident. This means that you may still be able to claim compensation but if you are found to be partly at fault there may be a percentage deduction to the compensation if awarded.

Is there a time limit to bring a personal injury claim following an Accident?2019-03-28T13:58:54+00:00

It you suffer a personal injury following an accident, it is advisable to contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible to discuss making a claim. In England and Wales, there is a time limit of three years from the date of accident to make a claim for injury. Once this date has passed, you may not be able to claim compensation. There are some claims that have a shorter limitation period including accidents on planes and boats. If you have suffered an injury, do not delay seeking legal advice on the same.

How long will it take to make a personal injury compensation claim?2019-03-28T14:12:23+00:00

Each personal injury claim is different. The length of the claim depends on several factors including whether or not liability is admitted and the nature of the injuries.

How much can I claim for personal injury?2019-03-28T14:16:36+00:00

An award of compensation for a personal injury claim comprises of compensation for Pain Suffering and Loss of Amenity (PSLA), which is the injury also known as General Damages and compensation for financial loss, known as Special damages. The value of the claim for the injury itself will depend on the type of injury suffered, the severity, the length of recovery time, the impact of the injury on daily life and whether there is any lasting scarring, symptoms or ongoing disability.

How much will I have to pay?2019-03-28T14:17:13+00:00

All our claims are taken on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. It costs nothing upfront to make a claim even if we have to issue court proceedings. We only charge a success fee of 25%. This funding arrangement will be discuessed at the outset so there is no surprises.

What is an After The Event (ATE) Insurance policy and do I need it?2019-03-29T11:21:44+00:00

Where a person is suffers a personal injury through the negligence of another person or party and seeks to bring a claim for compensation, if a claim is defended by insurers or liability admitted but an agreement not reached on the level of compensation to be awarded, the claim would usually need to proceed through the Courts. In some circumstances, if the case was unsuccessful at court, the person bringing the claim may be personally liable for the Defendant’s legal costs. If you have an after the event insurance policy, providing the claim is brought honestly, the policy would cover the Defendant’s costs and prevent you from paying the same personally.

What is No Win No Fee?2019-01-28T16:21:13+00:00

A No Win, No Fee agreement is sometimes called a Conditional Fee Agreement. The regulations in relation to Condition Fee Agreements have changed dramatically in 2013. We offer a No Win No Fee agreement to all of our clients. This guarantees you that you will not have to pay ANY fee if your claim is unsuccessful.

What Does The Personal Injury Process Look Like?

Our dedicated legal professionals are available to guide you through each step of your personal injury claim and to answer any questions you may have as well as providing their advice. If you are involved in an Accident which may give rise to a personal injury claim, always ensure, where possible, that the accident is reported in your own words. If possible, take photographs of the accident scene. If there are any witnesses to the accident, ask if they would be a witness and make a record of their contact details. If required seek medical attention. It is important you keep a record of any expenses incurred as a direct result of the injury.

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I had a great experience with Matrix. They handled my claim quickly and professionally and were always very responsive when I needed to contact them.
Chris Pearson
Chris P.
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Very good response deal with everything professionally and staff r very nice! Thanks you matrix team
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Alex H.
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Matrix are one of the best solicitors ive ever worked with. very professional and througho very hapy with my result . Thabk you all at Matrix.
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gary O.
07:26 27 Jun 20
Mine was a protracted difficult case over 3yrs many stages of recovery. Lucy handled it with the utmost professionalism and was readily accessible. Cannot speak more highly of Lucy Weston and Matrix. Would recommend them to anyone.
Richard Pemberton
Richard P.
15:20 25 Jun 20
They are very professional. They don't pester you whilst they are working on your behalf. No phone calls, just an email if they need more information or if asking you to do something. Will definitely use them again!!!
Paul McIntire
Paul M.
16:54 18 Jun 20
Used them twice now and been great service and help. Will use in future if needed. Thank you.
edgars krumins
edgars K.
22:46 11 Jun 20
Ive just dealt with the solicitors, they had my claim processed and settled in 4/5 months! I recommend their service alot.
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Connor B.
15:06 11 Jun 20
Superb service! Quick to respond/ act/ all in all a class act!
James Love
James L.
15:33 21 May 20
Top class service, would highly recommend communication was spot on aswell.
Mohammed Rahman
Mohammed R.
09:58 04 May 20
matrix did a fantastic job of handling my case, definite 5 stars
John wharton
John W.
14:56 01 May 20
Absolutely amazing & friendly personal service. Would highly recommend this team of professionals dealt with my case swiftly with a very good result. 👍👍👍
Nichola Readman
Nichola R.
15:13 16 Apr 20
I can honestly say such amazing solicitors - sound legal advice and I would highly recommend! Special thanks to Lucy whose support and professionalism is outstanding !! Thank you to Lucy and the whole team who make positive outcomes! Thank you !!
emma ward
emma W.
19:49 09 Apr 20
Thank you for a your help with my claim fast efficient service.
Ann Topham
Ann T.
16:29 12 Mar 20
Absolute faultless service, always kept up to date and informed and extremely fast and efficient resolution of case. Highly recommended
Ian Wilkinson
Ian W.
10:55 28 Feb 20
fab and great service and very fast and reliable thank you very much
Hannah jones
Hannah J.
18:41 02 Jan 20
Excellent service very very professional would definitely recommend and use again fast and stress free dealing with these people
matty cummins
matty C.
16:02 19 Dec 19
Thank you to Lucy Weston and the rest of the team dealing with my personal injury claim. You made a stressful situation so easy to deal with. Would highly recommend. x
lyndsay miello
lyndsay M.
09:38 12 Dec 19
Great service!!! Always on hand to help with anything extra I needed
Tom Wright
Tom W.
16:03 05 Dec 19
Great service!!! Always on hand to help with anything extra I needed
Tom Wright
Tom W.
16:04 28 Nov 19
Excellent professional service with my claim and they took all the stress out of the process!
David Mercer
David M.
17:08 21 Nov 19
Never needed to use a solicitor before but these made me feel I was in good hands. Made my life alot easier thanks to them.
Anthony Sharp
Anthony S.
16:46 21 Nov 19
Never needed to use a solicitor before but these made me feel I was in good hands. Made my life alot easier thanks to them.
Anthony Sharp
Anthony S.
09:10 21 Nov 19
Excellent professional service with my claim and they took all the stress out of the process!
David Mercer
David M.
16:31 14 Nov 19
Good service, do all the work for you and keep you updated. Would recommend
conor carr
conor C.
08:03 10 Sep 19
They have been great, sorted my case in no time Highly recommended
18:11 16 Aug 19
Was looked after very well. Great service
Mathew Navarro
Mathew N.
20:47 09 Aug 19
Was looked after very well. Great service
Mathew Navarro