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Personal Injury

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Personal Injury claims refer to injuries to the claimants body or mind, these injuries can be sustained in a wide range of circumstances, however often these types of injuries are sustained from road traffic accidents or accidents at work (no matter how trivial). To make a claim, we have to prove that somebody else is at fault and that this has caused loss or damage to the claimant. There are a number of factors which calculate how much compensation is awarded, including the severity of the injury, how long the injury lasts and whether a financial loss has been suffered. A financial loss could mean treatment costs, or income lost as a result of the injured party not being able to work.

Claiming Personal Injury Compensation

Under English law you can generally only recover compensation for injuries and associated financial losses if you can show that someone else was at fault and that this caused loss and damage to you. You can claim compensation for the “heads of damages” listed below:

- Damages for pain suffering and disability.
- Loss of earnings.
- Possessions damaged destroyed or lost.
- Cost of care if you can’t look after yourself.
- Future losses & expenses for ongoing needs.

What counts as Personal Injury?

  • Slip and Trips/Falls
  • Accident at Work
  • Serious Injury
  • Accident in a Public Place
  • Falls from heights
We have helped clients with personal injuries ranging from whiplash, soft tissue injuries, lacerations, burns, broken bones, loss of limbs, loss of sight or crushes.