UK’s Largest Housing Association Criticised

Clarion, a social landlord, has been criticised by the Housing Secretary for failing to meet “fundamental housing standards”. The Housing Ombudsman has also recently found Clarion responsible for “severe maladministration” in two separate cases after finding significant issues with damp, leaks, mould and pest control. Clarion is the UK’s largest housing association.

No one should have to live in a home with disrepair. If you live in social housing and are suffering with disrepair in your home, including, but not limited to, damp, mould, defective external walls or defective plaster, you may have a claim against your landlord for Housing Disrepair. If you wish to discuss this further, please give our friendly Housing Disrepair team a call on 0151 677 3999 to see whether Matrix Solicitors can assist you.

If you are a council or housing association tenant and are suffering with Housing Disrepair, you may have a claim against your landlord for Housing Disrepair if they fail to keep the property in a good state of repair. If you have complained to your landlord and they have failed to repair the property, we may be able to help to get your landlord to complete the repairs. If you do have a claim for Housing Disrepair, not only will the landlord be legally obliged to complete the repairs, they will also have to pay compensation for the period of time you have lived with this disrepair from the moment the landlord was informed of the disrepair and failed to rectify the same.

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